Who's In & Who's Out Of Moyes' Brave New World?

Remember when you were young and had to deal with the fall out from your impromptu 'full on' party, usually at your parents house while they were away or at your Uni accommodation? Having been 'caught on the moment' has it's consequences, in a similar way fans baying for new football players at their clubs can become all mouth and trousers, happy to have a drink and a laugh, but with little or no regard as to who is going to clean up the mess that is left when everyone has buggered off.

West Ham via David Moyes and the board, managed to rescue what was looking to be a dreadful closure of the transfer window by pulling off a string of top quality signings, nowhere near as many as had been hoped for, nevertheless those who were acquired are top draw and capable of walking into the starting line up of all but the most elite of teams.

The problem facing David Moyes, albeit a relatively pleasant one, is how to keep every member of his burgeoning squad happy? Obviously the International break means that most of the new players have only just arrived at the club ahead of Saturday's game against Southampton, so clever micro management will be required.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it", is rather an apt guideline for how to maintain the equilibrium of most 'soccer' teams, although the expression itself originated from American football. Although Hammers are currently 2nd in the Barclays Premier League, as well as being joint top scorers the club's goals conceded tally is a 'car crash' statistically!

Hammers have scored a spectacular 10 goals already this season, matched only by the state owned Manchester City, the comparison ends there though because City have conceded just the ONE goal, Hammers have conceded FIVE in the same amount of games, those extra goals along with silly points dropped, as happened against Palace, can be the difference between a champions league place or having to be in the conference, or loser's cup as it is known, or even NOT qualifying for European competition at all!

Having spent significant sums on players there is an obvious expectancy that said players will be on the team sheet, but that is NOT David Moyes' way. There is a distinct possibility that NONE of the new signings will start the game against the Saints, several will be on the bench, but who might start?

Well, as the forward line has been scoring goals for fun there is little chance that the Hammers manager would want to try and shoe horn new signing Nikola Vladic into the starting line up, he is far more likely to use the new signing as a Mikey Antonio replacement in the latter stages of the game.

As it is the team's defence that has been at fault recently, both Lukasz Fabianski and Craig Dawson will know that their time is up, at least with regards to being in the starting line up for Barclays Premier League games.

Alphonse Areola who already has a vast amount of premier league experience has got to be knocking at he door, he also has the advantage of having trained with the team for a significant period of time already.

Fabianski will probably retain his place, at least for now, but the player who is most likely to 'walk' is Craig Dawson who has been as poor this season as he was superb during the last! The major issue regarding Dawson's replacement Kurt Zouma, is that the centre back has only just returned from International duty with France and will have had just the ONE day's training ahead of what is a very important game. A win will maintain Hammers top four status, a loss or a draw would seriously dampen the club's upward trajectory and hopes of establishing itself as a genuine 'elite' club.

Is it too soon to start Zouma? Or to start Areola? Or indeed to start Vlasic or Krull? Hmmm such nice problems to have, for once! LN



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Maybe it's blind faith. But I have put Vlasic and Zouma straight into my Fantasy Football team. I think Zouma will start, but Vlasic will be on the bench and get 20 mins - just hope he scores in that time. I have a feeling he will!!

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The squad is stronger with the new additions,if fab or dawson lose form zouma & areola will be first choice...just hope zouma lives up to his price tag,no more prima Donna's wanted

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I would make just one change to the starting line up. Zooma for Dawson. But I would bring in some of the others at the 60 minute mark. None of this 89th minute substituteions. Let’s see what the new boys can do, keeps everyone on their toes.

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agree with that!

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