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Why Stuart Pearce Is Conspicuous By Absence On Match Days?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 17/02/2021 - 12:23

West Ham assistant manager Stuart Pearce, or Psycho as fans used to call him while he was playing for Forest, England and latterly West Ham, has never been short of 'direct' communication, so his apparent absence on match days has come as some surprise to Hammers fans, has he fallen out with David Moyes? More likely it would be the owners, who Pearce had a well publicised spat with, that fans would assume are the problem, but the truth is neither is the correct reason for 'Psycho's' absence.

When manager David Moyes and defender Issa Diop were forced to isolate following positive Covid-19 tests, Moyes was forced to manage by 'remote' from home, the results attained during Moyes absence were superb, and part of the way the great results were achieved was by some 'creative' thinking. Observing the game from 'above' is not a new thing, many managers in the past have preferred to view at least the first half of the game from an 'elevated' position in the stands, as opposed to viewing the match from the dug out, or from the coach's area.

Psycho was given the 'spy in the sky' role, and excelled at it, it should be remembered that he managed the England U-21 team, as well as being City's manager before they became rich, so he should know a thing or two. Such is Pearce's 'prowess' from above, that being in the upper stands, or indeed the roof, has now become his permanent match day location, and the team are benefiting from the insights he provides.

This 'answer' to where Psycho is on match days, also explains WHO David Moyes's assistant coach Paul Nevin is always 'chirping' on with during the games. After all, they don't expect Pearce to run up and down the stairs all the time, especially the 'Everest like' sides of mountains that there are at the London Stadium!

Whatever it takes, is the order of the day, and let's face it, the club is progressing at what some might feel is an unsustainable pace, well we would suggest that Leicester City fans might have a tale or two to tell about aiming for the stars, instead of reaching for the moon! - Ed



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Think he prefers to keep a low profile - I remember seeing him loitering on his own near the exit of the venue at a gig for The Damned, waiting for the band to start playing before he went in

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This fella played football like I did....if yer heart ain't in it, don't turn up.
Mine always was and those that weren't keen on a blustery Saturday arvo or Sunday morning should not have been there...and sure as 5hit I let them know...
He is a predator and that's how we seem to be playing of late...apart from the dippers and Fulham of course. Fifth in the league tells a I go off on a little in my head sing song....Fifth in the league...we're really fifth in the leaugue........hehehe

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