You Know It's The Break Because..Sanchez To West Ham?

The International break never fails to amuse and annoy in equal measure, not only for the strain put on players travelling afar and risking injury, or burn out or both, but because of the proliferation of absurd transfer 'stories' that invariably surface like unwanted toilet flotsam reappearing!

The latest piece of fiction to do the rounds is almost one giraffe too far even for the most gullible of people, Hammers are apparently 'interested' in Alexis Sanchez...NOT! Oh we completely forgot how much David Moyes loves overpaid, overage and underwhelming players who couldn't win a sports day race.

32 year old Sanchez moved to Manchester United from Arsenal on huge wages, but after only managing five goals across two seasons they allowed him to join Inter on loan and then permanently, without receiving a final transfer fee. Since joining Inter he has got even worse, he scored four goals in his debut season and seven in his second year. This season he is out of favour and form but still on MASSIVE wages for the little he has to offer, Inter are desperately keen to get his £115,000 wages off their books as soon as possible and will even countenance receiving no transfer fee at all!

There is no way David Moyes would touch Sanchez with a barge pole, not even while on a Hackney canal Gin Palace barge! NEXT - Ed


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