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Adriane wants to leave

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Submitted by cast iron on Thu, 27/07/2017 - 13:33

I thought this was going to happen I know Hart is a good keeper but I am wondering whether it was worth loosing Randolph and Adriane. He is under contract till the end of 2018 but that dont mean nothing nowadays. I certainly don't think West ham will let him go for under 7 mill if Randolph went for 5. And to be honest I'm gutted he is going at all. Now we've got to replace him with a keeper that wants to play 2nd fiddle to Hart. I think we will go in for Rob Green need some one with experience cos we have 2 tough old matches against Citeh.

When a certain member of the board claims that joe hart is the best keeper hes ever worked with!!Adrian has been a good servant of the club & i for one will be sad to see him go...

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did not sit well with me

Watched harts interview where he is already talking about being loaned out after this season as he does not see where his future lies then in next breath insists he is 120% comitted to west ham and England this season.....not impressed not in the slightest.

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To be honest i think hes being treated abysmally, he was so committed to this club and to be tossed aside must really hurt

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Burkie 1

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Adrian's commitment can't be questioned. And when he came in to replace Randolph, we did much better. There was a lot of pressure at that time, with a relegation battle looming. Adrian kept a couple of clean sheets and played really well. He is so impetuous that he sometimes makes mistakes -- some of them are scary, like when he challenges a striker. But he doesn't make the elementary mistakes that Randolph made, and he seems to organise his defense better. The jury is still out on how good (or not) Joe Hart is. But one thing is for certain -- Hart is here on LOAN. If we sell Adrian we will have lost two capable goalkeepers for one high-salaried loanee. Can't have that: else what will we do in 2018?

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Hope he don't go been a great servant to the club.we are short on keepers

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Is he does actually appear to be fond of & have a passion for the club...IF he does wants to leave,then fair enough,like randolph he probably does want regular game time... personally id prefer him to stay, to keep joe hart on his toes,cos if he goes we will have to find a replacement for him,& theres not many half decent keepers available from what i can see...

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Just heard a rumour the board don't want Adrian to leave and have even offered him a new contract. Hard to believe as we extended it about 2 months ago, but may renegotiate it in a bid to keep him.

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Yes Fred I know he didn't sign a new deal and just used that option. My point is they are supposed to want him to sign one.

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