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Submitted by mcbikeman on Wed, 21/09/2022 - 14:40

Fab/Coufal/Cresswell/Ogbonna/Dawson/Antonio All north of 30yrs old all Starters for Moyes and a lot of promising youth players leaving or thinking of leaving as he refuses to use them even when we are up against poor opposition...Silkborg/Steau for instance Kidderminster in the cup last season.....Declan rumoured now to of refused £200 thousand a week so what is the club going to do??the big spend of this summer well recoup a lot of that from Rices sale but where is the forward thinking Alese sold to Sunderland why? he could of learnt a lot from Oggy/Dawson and been a good fit on the bench....Perkins again a place on the bench integrate these kind of players into the first team squad let them get a feeling they apply themselves they will get a chance but again no.....Coventry anyone really expect to see anything of him other than 5 min cameo as a sub....Downes the same how long before they feel FFS why am i here i am never going to be given a i guess our manager is happy to have two g/k on the bench as he clearly does not trust or believe in youth.

Of course a lot of younger players do not cut it but to never be given a chance is poor management and when i say chance i dont mean as a 5 minute sub then judged on that no give them five six even seven games if they struggle then they should listen and understand that they need more u23football to keep building on there footballing ability but to just be on a bench not played etc has to be soul destroying for a young footballer specially at West Ham,,,The Academy of football dont make me laugh.

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Of Longello and Baptiste as well on their short showings last season although I doubt Perkins or Coventry will make the big boys. Unfortunately, football is a results driven business and we don't have a manager who has the bottle to have go. My priorities this season would have been Premier League and FA Cup and use Europe and the EFL Cup or whatever it is to give the youngsters first team experience.

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