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All time favourite Penalty taker

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Tue, 12/07/2022 - 15:11

Tonka?/Terminator/Mr West Ham.......difficult one isn't it.

For me it has to be Tonka he was such a great penalty taker nobody who is a West Ham fan can forget the last gasp penalty against the bindippers in the league cup final 120th min steps up places it past Ray Clemence a world class gk....then the Villa cannonball in he quarter final of the F.A.cup two pens that live long in the memory.

Terminator putting Schmeichel as well as the ball in the net another memorable one another exceptional talent from the spot...none of the bollox you see from players who hop skip jump get a haircut before missing!.

Noble prob missed a few more but he was ice cool from the spot and the Manure farce from last season aside he has been our most reliable taker for a long time.

so the Kings are dead who will be the new king? and whoever it is FFS learn from those three stop the mind games with the keeper just get it on target and hit the bloody thing...keeper saves he saves but FFS don't make the pen a pass.

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That has to be the marvelous Ray Stewart he placed them he hit them hard it did not matter to that young man he really was the best.Along with Malcolm Allison and Noel Cantwell he was one of my favourite all time Defenders at West Ham.

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Only seen those other two on old videos lol.oh ok i do rmbr the Terminator but still Noble for me

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Dicksie for me,he smashed it as hard as he could,i only ever saw him miss one and that was against the Arse at the Boleyn,he got fouled and hit his head,it took a time for the kick to be taken because of it,reckon that was why it got saved,think we lost the game one nil.

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it has to be Ray Stewart for me ,Mr reliable from the spot

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