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Arter and the transfer nonsense

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 24/12/2017 - 07:33

£8million bid apparently and it has been rejected....of course like buying anything we all look for a bargain but a player rated allegedly at £15million did they expect anything other than to be told no....of course its all a game of brinkmanship between clubs but i hope we try and get this done quick and not let it drag on until the last day of the window...yesterdays result against newcastle shows how much in need we are of new blood

I'm going for they haven't got a clue! It's all been false economy for them the last few seasons. They fail to buy the right player at the given price and then buy an inappropriate second choice who doesn't fit the mould on inflated wages and he never hits the mark. So six months later they have to readdress the same issue using even more money and now have an overpaid inferior player they can only ever lose money on. He either sits uselessly on our bench taking good money he wouldn't get anywhere else, or we pay him off or we basically just give him away or terminate his contract. Either way it cost the club 100s of thousands. Then they rinse and repeat.

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It's a tactic used but the key is being a club with everything right, has a place and in its place. Does this sound like our club? No, probably won't work then.

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