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Arteta and Moyes

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Tue, 08/11/2022 - 06:01

Arteta went to the gooners they were struggling not in europe but in two seaons he has turned them around got rid of the deadwood and trouble makers so everyone knows its his way or you are on there way...he struggled in the beginning but now he has them firing on all cylinders top of the league and in europe and playing some good football,,,compare it to Moyes two years had the team playing well got us into europe twice never before achieved that and has been backed to the hilt finacially but he is going backwards fast and a real possibility of a relegation how has that happened? why? how can a team like the gooners do so much better than us? big ground well so have we money to spend well we were the THIRD biggest spenders in EUROPE this summer so cannot blame that so why? i am sure the board are scratching there heads as well.......someone has said Moyes has been given the keys to a Lamborghini but he only knows how to handle a Ford Escort.injuries? well every club suffers those so not an excuse so again why are we in reverse yet Arteta and the gooners flying?

Great post Bike. Arteta learned his trade under Wenger & Pep. He is young and hungry. Moyes is a dinosaur and can't move with the times. I think some of the issues is Moyes has got the attacking talent but will not release the handbrake. Too defensive minded. Crying shame Eddie Howe is not available. Took him a few months at Newcastle but he will start reaping the rewards soon.

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I agree Mac,it does make you wonder,i think Moyes is rather stubborn and set in his ways,and probably reluctant to change things and throw caution to the wind.

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same can be said about Gerrard and Lampard to defensive how about an attacking side like Keegan tried, let in 4 but score 5 great entertainment and as southgate has said win a game 1-0 and repeat until you reach final then win on penalties ha ha think we will be home before the semi finals, still at least they can have a rest !!!!

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At the players that Arteta took a chance on. Moyes buys Bowen, Arteta tries Saka. Moyes gets Downes, Arteta gets Martinelli. Moyes gets an untested Premier League striker in Scamacca, Arteta gets Jesus. Moyes gets in Aguerd, Kehrer and Emerson, all defenders, I could go on including looking at how well the players are doing that Moyes has let go such as Anderson, Haller Krahl, Vlasic. Its all in the mentality of the manager and Moyes is scared to lose. Always has been. If you couldn't see that when he was at Everton it certainly showed when he went to Man Utd

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