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best non computer football game?

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Submitted by hammergirl on Fri, 04/08/2017 - 11:42

Talking to my dad about this and he loved subbuteo and would play with friends for hours and another game he still has but is now defunct was called logatta...very indepth football dice had a league of 18 teams playing home and away the first 5 games home team had blue numbered dice and away team had red dice with a couple more 0's on it like a handicap..after those 5 games completed you wrote up league table and when teams start playing each other the points difference decided on which other coloured dice you would a handicap system came into did that with league/cup/euros etc and it gets addictive....i'll take his word on that one:-) come on guys what games did you play or maybe still do.

Apart from having the hammers (obviously!!) i had the 1974 world cup teams (showing me age now) West Germany v Holland i thought they were the boll*x!! funny, i was talking to my son about subbuteo the other day,he found it hilarious that we could get enjoyment out of flicking players round on a a bit of cloth!!Another game i liked was "striker",from the 70s,pressed the players heads down & the leg would kick the ball,we were easily pleased in those days!!...

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I was a big fan of Striker in the 70's as a saucepan and Subbuteo. Trouble with that was I kept kneeling on the players and my Grandad had to araldite them in those days. All looked like they had no legs....

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but you had magnetic sticks under the table moving the footballers around the pitch teams were either in red or blue not like subbuteo that had the team strips...

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i have ordered that and will show my dad when he is next round...wonder if it will be as good as he remembers

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