BFS bad loser or what

Laying into Antonio because he cannot handle the Truth...Ants never even said anything bad at all...Thought you had a thick skin Sam apparently not...and touting for a job on sky how pathetic can you get....i hope it is the last we ever hear of him....he and Lawro could always start a chat show! that would make anyone want to go out to work...Bitter and twisted or what.

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The mere sight of the fat klint puddle makes me want to puke my ring.........

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Over rated!his cv will always say give him a call when a club are struggling!! Cant even do that now & as usual it was all about him pre match....if he rated himself he would help west Brom get back up! He showed his true colours with the England job

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Yep just a greedy wanker wanting to line his pocket at every opportunity. Cost himself the job he coveted most with that greed. Glad to see the back of him and reckon down under I'll be spared any "colour commentary" he may offer.

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