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Blinkered view

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Tue, 07/03/2023 - 07:51

Moyes wont be sacked as there is nobody out there with Prem hear that bandied about a lot but please explain to me what they mean by Prem experience? De zerbi did he have it? Thomas Frank? did he Ten Haag? nope so what the hell do they mean? it is all a load of nonsense as far as i am concerned and lazy thinking.

Good managers manage the players.....the league you are in IMO is irrelevant....Players need to respect and know who the boss is and buy into his philosphy if they dont you get chaos.

So how come we have to have a manager with "prem experience" yet buy players without the same? so please somene explain to me just what they mean? do they mean ex-players with prem experience can be managers? if so see Gerrard/Lamps etc and if they want just a manager who has been there do they mean BFS Benitez.....overlooking the new crop like Kompany and Carrick.

So if your CV does not have Prem experience on it do not bother to apply?.

you say mcbikeman is so true unless you are deluded like our owner

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Because the players we buy don't have prem experience we need a manger with prem experience to teach them the requirements. Otherwise they take too long to bed in (especially if you don't fuckin play em)!

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