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Submitted by Oldtimehammer on Fri, 19/05/2023 - 08:34

Declan Rice can the club keep him for another season?.Hearing the astronomical amounts being put around in the media can the club say know? i think they can and if we win this European trophy and qualify for another season in europe would that convince him to stay for one more year?.

I think if the club who i understand are under no real pressure to sell as the young man has two years left on his contract were not to offer a new deal but up his wages for the new season and guarantee they would sell him for £60million the following year because i think a similar situation arose when Haaland was at Dortmund and nobody was prepared to pay the money Dortmund wanted so they left it a year and the release clause was triggered for half the money can we do similar?

I think the emotion of being the first West ham Captain to pick up a trophy in over 43 years and make that 58 years for a European trophy could and might tip the balance for one more season as at 24 years old he has more than enough time to play for the biggest clubs in world football and for a cheaper fee than this summer who knows.

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The club have nothing to lose if he says no i still want to go then the club have at least tried and there is not one West Ham fan who would wish him ill so i will keep everything crossed hoping praying and willing the scenario you described happens.

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Sully, not being a fan will want as much cash as possible. and he and his attack dog have proven time and again over the years they couldn’t give two shits what the real fans want

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