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Case for the defence

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 03/03/2024 - 08:30

Can we make one? despite Coufal having his critics he gives his all and i would give him a new contract to help with Bench strength next season....Emerson after a slow start in a West Ham shirt has come into his own this season but he is one to keep but a back up is sorely needed there....the centre backs here is the big problem Zouma just cannot run and is no leader so for me get rid....Aguered loses concentration to often and mentally not strong enough for me so move him on as well Ogbonna if only he was 5 years younger but sadly not so he has to go and now Mavrapanos who has the annoying tendency to pass back and cause danger from nothing for us....i would keep him but he needs better coaching and a more senior man next to him to help his game come along......So a lot of money will need spending on the defence this summer whoever is in charge along with needing a proper striker and a left sided midfielder some creative work in the market is going to be needed that is for sure.

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Hankering after Maguire, would certainly have been useful as a loanee. I feel for Phillips actully. Was a starring light at a forward playing Leeds and sadly not worked out at City so is now ring rusty. Thats said it must be a culture shock to him coming from a forward thinking manager like Pep to such a negative one like Moyes. Not sure the phrase "chalk and cheese" is strong enough to define the difference between the two in how the game should be played.
Cresswell, Aguerd and Zouma apart I believe this is Fabs last season with us unfortunately and Areola is just not up to scratch and it's obvious that the defence don't have much confidence in him so we would be also looking at two goalkeepers hopefully. Ramsdale would do me to be honest. But at the end of the day it's going to be down to whether we're going to have a managerial change in my opinion as to what happens.
JWP is a disappointment, whether that is down to him or the players around him, Pacman s a showboater and crybaby so I'd cash in, Cornet not rated and Ants is up to his sell by date.
Just leaves Kudus, Alvarez, Coufal, Emerson and Bowen for me next season.

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Can't keep a clean sheet for love nor money and i think Zouma/Coufal/Emerson should be sweating when the new man takes charge...we all know there is a lot of work needed on the squad but seriously will we keep a clean sheet again...Freiburg were the last team we did that against and that says it all it or not you have to build from back to front and our defending is amateurish at best...Look at todays goal everyone standing around and JWP just lets the man run past him unopposed schoolboy stuff i'm guessing Tim watching from the stands is thinking mmm wheres a nice exotic location i can go to find defenders!

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When you let in 5's and 6's.......short term thinking mate not every clubs a Luton...if your happy with the 70+ we have conceded this season good for you but thats relegation material you keep doing that.

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I'm sure I will get a few pelters for this but I am convinced had we got him we wouldn't be showing 70 goals against, maybe in a Euro position and looking forward to a trip to Dublin.

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