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Champions League

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Thu, 18/01/2024 - 08:42

5th place gets you a champions league spot this season(probably a play off)The club Lorded the move to the BOM so we can compete in the transfer market and go for champions league football.

So here we are 6 points behind the spuds and gooners and a game in hand on the spuds and yet we have so far failed to strengthen the side which will be needed in the coming months dues to injuries and Europe.

If the club truly believe in what they have often said then it is now they have to produce...Chelski/manure/barcodes now with the money all having poor seasons so this may be the only chance we get to play in such an iconic competition and yet here we are dragging our feet.

Reports have said that we do not have to worry about FFP as we are well within the boundary so what is the problem? and with Moyes taking an age to bed players in the chance could slip through our fingers......for once West Ham do not let this dream fade and die COYI

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I think we are just 3 players short of making that 5th spot. This window has been tragic so far (not unlike the summer window which did eventually yield some great signings)BUT... if we get The Yorkshire Pirlo, another defender and a fast strong winger / forward I think that could save Moyes and get him a new contract.

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How many of you woke up today with a blow? talking about the windy weather lol anyway Dartford until i see the thighs i cannot comment on whoever we buy:-) but seriously how often are we seen to be dragging our feet whilst other clubs do there business.

Players soon to return that is what they are waiting for and if we think the Beast is going to tear it up think again he is in this girls opinion a busted flush who spends more time throwing himself to the floor than at the ball to score in midfield we do ned to replace Soucek for a more mobile and attacking type Soucek can be an impact player from the bench but we all know Moyes loves him/

Finally i hear that Moyes not keen on a couple of the reccomendations of Steiden and will block them coming in if not we all know there fate under a non Moyes buy.So here we are ten days from the window to shut and nothing occuring and we could and should of done something before todays game at the blunts as i fear a repeat of tuesday night and then what will the excuses be? no point in beating spuds gooners manure chelski if you are going to lose to a club like that.

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cant divulge the morning blow, Dartford Ghirl would be very upset!

Here in Cronulla the weather was lovely, warm, slight breeze and perfect for golf!

Correct, The Beast is done, move on, great WH career but its over.

Phillips is ideal replacement for Slowczech although Moyes will probably not play him as he is not Prem fit... which is very true. Impact player / sub... spot on!

Agree... beating the big clubs but not getting a result against the mediocrity is a lost opportunity!

P.S. You talk a lot of sense HG... keep them coming!

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