Cheltenham 2019

So here it is again, the festival that aims to finish off Alan Brazil once and for all.
For those of you that follow the racing game, who will you be riding on? Who has the colour of your money?
I'm pretty sure it used to be nt_hammer that loved a flutter and would often do well, haven't seen him on here for years though.
I only do the first 5 races so, for what it's worth, today I'm going:

1:30 Al dancer
2:10 Glen forsa
2:50 Minella Rocco
3:30 Apples Jade
4:10 Benies Design Dieux

Go well Hammers!

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NT Hammer? Yeah what happened to him? Haven't seen Ashes for ages either. Don't see u much Darren, you well chum?

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I'm not too shabby thanks DITM. how is your world?
I have so little time these days but I often persuse posts.
Yes I think the older characters were from a different time and space. I hope they are all well. Guess we all get older.
I see the club have surpassed themselves again with the u16 ST price increases. They are a special set of owners aren't they...

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