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Submitted by hammergirl on Sat, 17/09/2022 - 12:59

According to Moyes Scamacca will have lots to offer and is still learning how to play with his team mates and they him its a bedding in process and it takes time specially for a striker coming from a different league etc mmmm one word for you Moyes,Haaland! now whilst i am not saying Scamacca is as good as Haaland you dont get to be Italy number 9 by chance.So rather than say he needs time an all that why not go the other tact and say we got you in to score goals i believe in you go out there and show us what you do best.

Talk like that will boost a players confidence and want to show that the manager was right to have faith in you.I do feel like many that Moyes is way to cautious on many fronts and as ever sticks to his favourites regardless of form.

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When Moyes was asked what he thought of Scamaccas finish the other evening he said it was good but he has sent few others over the bar,Why say that in public for goodness sake say that in training not to the media.

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We don’t know what makes Scamacca tick, maybe he does because he spends a lot of time with him. You say Haaland I say Darwin Nunes. Haaland is a one off, a once a generation player he’s incomparable. I think before we write off Moyes and Scamacca’s relationship and comparisons to Haller for instance, maybe we just chill and see what happens. It’s very very early days in the season, I’m old enough to remember 85/86 and that was an awful start. For one thing Scamacca is keeping Antonio on his toes. New players always take time to bed in, there’s language barriers, personal issues with family and partners etc…. Give it time HG and keep the faith

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But in todays game if you are not at it within 3/4 full matches you are viewed as not being very good and i think that is why our manager is easing him in and not adding to any perceived pressure he may be feeling

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