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Dark Day

Submitted by Enfieldhammer on Sat, 15/06/2024 - 11:01

Woken up to the news that young Millwall keeper Sarkic has died at just 26. Then to be followed by the news Kevin Campbell has also passed at just 54. Really does not make sense. Hoping Liverpool legend Hansen can stay strong.

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26 lifes only just getting fun and 54 well that's no age at all its a time when you should start to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Also noticed today that over ten days ago Suzi Quatro died when a drunk driver crashed into her car the name resonates with me because my Father loved her music and look life can be cruel at times and puts who we buying are they any good debate into perspective.

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It makes you think when's it my turn......the young man apparently found dead in his apartment after playing only few days earlier what a shock for his family and Campbell a real beast of a striker healthy and it does not seem to matter when your times up it is up...

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