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D.C.L or Solanke

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Submitted by Bubblegirl on Sat, 22/06/2024 - 08:10

I do not wish to see either of these players coming to us thank you the first is more interested in fashion and injuries and the latter had a very good season at Bournemouth but for me its just a flash in the pan and because of that he would want silly money and of course he is known for an injury or two so again its a big know from me so please cast the net a bit wider as i like i am sure a lot of us have seen enough strikers come and the ones we keep always suffer a bad injury and don't see them for a season!

Scamacca Haller both treated poorly by Moyes and he just would not change his system(yet he did for Rice)to accommodate two very talented strikers who were never given a chance.

So please no Journeyman forwards anymore lets do something different.

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Surely you need to understand that the club are losing money on the much underused Andy Carroll wing and we need players like this to justify keeping it open...short term thinking BG the club needs and thrives under these kind of players

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