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Submitted by Gravs on Sat, 06/04/2024 - 15:24

What's going to happen in the summer?? A lot of current first teamers are out of contract, Mubama, Johnson to leave, can't see Cornet or Ings wanting to stick around either. If Moyes does go, will it mean Benrahma might come back?? Don't really understand why in the £500m that has been spent, Moyes hasn't actually built a squad, in fact he doesn't even have a contingency for when 2 or 3 of our current squad are injured or suspended, hence Bristol City in the Cup.
Ings had started to play well, then the players come back and he's dumped to the bench again, Cornet had come in assisted a goal in Europe, then scored his first goal in the Claret and Blue of West Ham, then dropped again when missing players come back. Not one of the fringe players can ever build up a run of form before being sabotaged by Moyes again. Yes Ings hasn't been all that, and has fluffed his lines a few times, but there is no doubting his talent with the ball played in to his feet, with a few games under his belt.

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The biggest issue is the complete uncertainty of the Moyes future. Until this is resolved most players coming or going is on hold.

If we are to believe the latest tosh from the media Moyes will jump, his stock value has never been so high, gets a result against the German Invisibles and he can name his price but... cant see him getting a top 6 club, maybe the likes of Spewcastle if they think Eddie has maxed out but more likely a smaller yoyo club looking for stability.

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Just looked on the club's website, why are we selling Quarter Final merchandise, for £25? FFS!! are we going the way of Tottenham and celebrating reaching the quarter finals? So it's OK to celebrate? Why not wait at least until the Semi- Finals if we get there?

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Until the future of the manager is settled all the usual rubbish linking us with this player that player etc is pointless and those at the end of contract at the club or never utilised during the season why would you stay with a manager like Moyes at the helm.

Get rid of him as he will chase every last bit of flair out of the team and replace them with boring automatons who will just run up and down to the halfway line and back as instructed.

As ever our club at the start of doing something special as usual let it crumble through inept management from above who are just counting the beans into there account and screw the supporter.

Benni wont come back Kudus/Pacman/Bowen with every chance of leaving and on Talkshite it will be they left because you got rid of Moyes lol.

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It's true to say. There is still a very good player left in Danny Ings. Cornet too if I'm being pragmatic. I witnessed Ings close up at Brammal Lane and Cornet. Both had very good games. Cornet and Ings worked well together.

As you say they get wheeled out on special occasions and asked to perform like Monkeys. Of course they are ring rusty, they need a run of games. Ings needs to be involved in tonight's Ze Germans conclusion.

Moyes now is more arrogant than ever. The Jurassic Jock thinks he is the Aberdeen Angus's bollox. God help us FFS!!!!!!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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