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F A cup

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Submitted by Burkie 1 on Tue, 23/01/2018 - 12:53

Its incredible how this competition has taken a nose dive since the halcyon days of the BBC coverage ,remember those days ?the final it would start at 10 in the morning and go on till 6 or 7 ,now ,sure I'll probably watch the final but i have no interest in the early rounds ,except of course when the hammers (peace be upon them ) are involved ,the giant killing of the past was electric ,now its a draw that takes it to a replay ,to me the early rounds have become like the bleedin international breaks ,theres nowt like the prem i can even see the the caramel cup stealing its thunder

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Both spot on boys,it's lost that traditional loving feeling,if we ain't in it I always go for the underdog,they give it there all,that's the only thing that keeps it alive imo,good luck to Bristol city tonight in the caramel cup lol, hope they can pull it off.

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I couldn't of put it better,especially the International bit,which is just one long drawn out bore.........Club football is much better.

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I know we have injuries and perhaps can be seen to be resting a few but could I take Stuart Pearce seriously this morning saying that we are in it to win?
Basically he was talking a load of b*ll*ks. Like Allardyce Moyes sees the F A Cup as a hinderence to staying in the Premeiership. Pearce is just chest thumping but deep down he probably knows we will go out this time.

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A D Bonds

I see where your coming from and its not that he doesnt get the importance of the thing but as he says himself "staying in the prem generates 20 times more than the F A cup ",sure hed like to stay in it and if that can be done with the rookies all well and good if not asta la quister baby

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Burkie 1

Wish I had your optimism Dicksy but last time we only just got through. Wigan will go full strength and attack from the whistle and we will play 5-3-2 with the youngsters and fringe players again hoping for a counter attack. Don't think it will work this time but you never know?

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A D Bonds

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