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Farewell my fellow Orgers

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Submitted by hammergirl on Mon, 05/02/2024 - 08:21

Well now boys steel yourselves dont be afraid to shed a tear or two but i have to inform you this girls leaving for the Amazon rainforest this Tuesday so i will not be around for a good long while i hope you can cope lol so try and keep things orderly now and dont have to many of those spats you boys are so fond of.

And before you ask it is not a holiday it is work but i will keep an eye out for any possible signs of a Striker that may interest Moyes! until then i hope when i get back to see we have qualified for the champions league and are playing freeflowing footy! until then i am missing you guys already and Nev keep getting better xx Louis look after him you both do such good work.

Byeeeee:-) x

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Good luck HG, but you do know Amazon can come to you!! A van comes into my street at least 3 times a day!!!..............................Taxi!! for the Amazon!!!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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will be shed, your comments will be missed but I wish you a safe trip, stay and return. Good luck Hammergirl.

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