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Fiorentina got what they deserved

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Submitted by hammergirl on Fri, 09/06/2023 - 09:19

The constant play acting and stopping the game with alleged injuries really was pathetic and seems part and parcel of the Italian style just look at Roma the other night i hope Citeh win tomorrow and show the Italian public that to my mind Anti football wont win you anything a lesson maybe Arteta has learned the hardway.
There President(puleeease i ask you)claimed our players were thugs laughable or what just look at the crap Antonio had to put up with so as we say over here DO ONE you knob COYI

Agree totally HG,I had to apologise to a young lady next to me at the o2 ( she didn't care btw!!) I was swearing my head off in anger at their antics! Who teaches these players to act like they've been shot everytime there's minimal or no contact at all.....animals!!do me a favour,I'm not condoning throwing things but I could see the frustration in every one....paper cups oh dear what a weapon that is! Wasn't it a vape thrown that caused the cut,unfortunate but what a bloody good shot imo but in all seriousness their manager stormed off like a child at the end & wheres the mention of yet again, chavvy hooded twats attacking families etc,but good on the older westham blokes for f * cking them off when the chavs realised what they had done....clints the lot of em lol

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