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Forest next what does Moyes do?

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Submitted by hammergirl on Tue, 07/11/2023 - 13:31

We all know we were let down by some very poor defending against Brentford and despite us looking so much better going forward with the pace and movement i have little doubt that Moyes will think nothing of ditching the system(forced on him)and go back to two defensive midfielders and sit deep hoping Forest try and press so we can catch them out we all know it will be Benni that will be sacrificed if that is the case and though he has not been pulling up trees he does seem to be the fall guy and that has to be down to the squads imbalance.

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Well probably not but todays a safe day to be Auntie HG to my Nephew who through me is a Hammers nut(don't call social on me!)and he has been excited all week about going to see us play(rmbr those days)so another trip to the club shop and hopefully a win although according to a little someone its going to be 3-0 with Bowen getting two we shall see but it will be a fun day that's for sure

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Having a mare in the Fantasy League so midfield made up of J Wupp, Bowen and Kouros. If I get nothing from that I'll go and boil my bollocks for dumplings!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Fulham took Forest apart where we struggled to beat them Bournemouth beat a poor Palace side we drew with them at home what does that say about us? This is Fulham and Bournemouth who don't have the resources that we have and they beat the also rans in the prem when we struggle and it is purely because of the style of play that Mogadon insists his teams play.....

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