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Freddie sears.

Submitted by Hammers65 on Sat, 25/04/2015 - 16:51

Scored again today for ipswich.Has been sticking them in the net for them since he signed,just like he did regularly for colchester!A hornchurch boy & westham through & through,he could be one that slipped the net...just saying SAM!!!!;)

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Never given a good run here in the first team in his best position. Different players mature at different speeds, look at Devo. Hope he continues to improve.

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Remember when he scored for the first team (against blackburn i think it was) we were right behind the goal-it was lovely to watch one our own doing the crossed hammers!!On the subject-big up to greeno for doing that today after the game!!Always had a lot of time for him too...

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Very pleased for Sears and think he is showing what he is capable of. I hope he becomes a favourite at Ipswich and bangs in the goals to get them in the play offs and maybe even more. However, think that's about his level though and would struggle in the Prem.

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A player who has played 12 out of 14 seasons in the Premier League.

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Granted He is no Carlton Cole, lol but the truth is that he can thrive better in the Championship and become a little legend for those teams.
Where as Carlton Cole can thrive better, nope cannot think of where he would thrive but it is definitely not West Ham.

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Goog luck to the lad. I will always remember his first (not that he had a lot more ) goal for us. Winning us the game against Blackburn after 3 consecutive 4 - 0 lossess. Well done and I hope he gets back to the Premier League.

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If he keeps banging them in some prem team will go after him if Ipswich don't go up . Go the Freddie .

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