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Free strikers.

Submitted by alby foreverirons on Sun, 07/02/2021 - 11:36

With the current amount of games and the team looking a bit jaded against Fulham would it be worth trying to pick up a free striker just to cover for Antonio as he looks just about stuffed. We can all se that he is a bit worried about his hammy and Yarmo is definitely not the answer so why not pick one up for insurance. Surely it would be worth a go as there are a few that are out of contract. Looking through the list I see that Sakhalin is available, knows the club but getting on a bit. We where linked with Costa but his wages would be to much but there are others that might be worth a shot. If we could pick up a 23to 28 year old they would probably still have enough ambition to work hard and earn a contract somewhere using us to show they still have it and they might be able to be picked up cheap. Interested to know everyones thoughts.

Afolayan in our reserves,needs to be nurtered through,get him on the bench,put him on for the last 20 mins of games that we are comfortable in,we have resources,lets use them,it makes financial sense.

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