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Give him a start Dino

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Submitted by newburkie on Sat, 28/10/2023 - 23:23
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Its a massive step up from under 21's to the Premier League!

I think loan time at another club is required first. The barometer of just how good he, and others coming through the ranks, are which clubs want him. The Chavski kids get loans to Prem and Championship sides, very rare that we have such a youngster.

Also asks the question... is he now ahead of Mubama?

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And Moyes still would not play him.....with Stats like that he sounds as good as the Boy Ferguson at Brighton only difference being there manager would put him in.....unless you have a look at the younger players and give them a chance you are not going to learn if they can do it at that level.

Mubama has to be given a chance but again it will not happen and i'd love to hear Moyes reasoning because Antonio is a passenger right now and giving nothing to the team so what could it hurt to give this lad a chance? if he has a stinker no difference to Ants playing and it will also open the lads eyes as to what you need to do to make it in this league

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Problem is Moyes plan A. It's the only one he has, so even if Antonio stinks the joint out, there's no-one else that plays like him so Moyes has no choice

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