Graham Fletcher

It's non football related, but it is, my old music industry pal Graham Fletcher, who was a Spurs supporter, passed away in his sleep at the age of 67 years. He was a larger than life character who you would run through walls for, I first met him over 40 years ago when he was head of EMI publishing where he signed Queen and a whole bunch of other stars, and his opening words to me were," My dear Boy, looking the way you do, you don't need my help!". We didn't really see too much of each other after that, I signed to a different publisher, as is the way of the music industry, and that was that, but ironically his son and mine both ended up at the same primary school, after not seeing Graham for over 30 years by that time , it really was quite synchronistic. I am sad that we didn't manage to meet up for the drink we were going to have that we couldn't do because of Shit-19..but
Any way, Graham Fletcher 1953-2020 R.I.P. Big man, I'll see you on the other side X

R I P Graham

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67 is too young, may he rest in peace...

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