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Hello Everybody Peeps !

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Submitted by boogerscaravan on Mon, 05/06/2023 - 17:53

Hello everybody peeps. Stavros here, I'm a just letting you all knows, I'm a taking charge of the Spud U likes over in meze, meze land.

I'm having a big kebab off and that Levy bloke says you hammers can have all the pies init.

They is bloody cheap as chippys and will go with all your mashie potatoes.

Anyway peeps I is gonna teach that Hairy Kane how we do the Divy, Divy Dey dance and smash all the plates. Basic skills init.

Laters potaters........

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Exactly H and who would have thought he'd end up one day managing the Spuds...

You see. You manage a 3rd division club to a couple of titles and some form of Littlewoods Pools club treble and suddenly you're a world beater...

That's obviously the way it's done just ask Christian Gross init!

But what now for Dino McMoyes this is Celtic calling...!!!

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I instantly thought that too boogers,Celtics the job moyes always wanted apparently,his credibility has risen since being at the mighty hammers & I reckon celtic will offer it to him! Imo moyes has come to the end of the road at Westham,we need a younger more forward thinking manager but win the final & Moyes will have gained respect from all hammers fans

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Gonna be a few more Aussie Spuds on the horizon. Hopefully they'll once again prove that no matter the manager they're shite and will achieve nothing

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