how to offend snowflakes!

this is just funny but i doubt they would let you see this today and that is there loss

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I agree that PC culture is often rot and over the top - people are offended over nothing and less tolerant as a byproduct. And yet some racial or homophobic slurs used are still slurs and out of order, even if they were laughed at 30/40 years ago. I've been to west ham games where our own fans have sung all sorts of racist abuse during the game and at the pub afterwards- except its not lighthearted or in the context of poking fun at each other but actually abusive and divisive. I hate snowflake culture as much as the next man, but when you normalise stuff like this and say oh it's just a laugh it's not always the case

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But the way its going is crazy,the world famous British sense of humour is trying to be erased by these snowflakes of today....

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But i think it is the context and the view that everyone is a racist or a homophobe that really annoys a lot of people.i think 99% of people watching that would laugh and think nothing more of it other than it was a skit and stereotype of the era and move on but then you have the "snowflakes" who are offended on behalf of us all because they know what we think!!! and whats best.
All of us have what can be judged as inappropriate thoughts but have the ability to keep those thoughts to ourselves it does not make anyone a bad person it just means you are human.

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