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I want a Date

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Submitted by hammergirl on Mon, 20/11/2023 - 12:45

Calm down boys i'm talking about a football date as in change the start of the season to say start of October that way you get shot of two International breaks before the season starts and only have two disruptions to the premier league until March and finish the season say mid June we can all go away on our hols and not worry till October again.

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IMO there needs to be a total rethink on the calendar, needs modernising and brought up to date to accommodate life's changes. Its no longer a typical working class sport aimed specifically at winter months. The rise in the number of really important African Players in the Premier League also suggests a break in January to coincide with the African Cup of Nations.

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On your back hoping to get your belly rubbed! but she is not wrong but of course common sense and the lawmakers never mix

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