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I'm not having that!

Submitted by Hammers 65 on Sun, 27/08/2023 - 05:22

So that's it this the end for me! Are we the new citeh,or at least there biggest rivals? Their fans are OK in my life book,well they would be,the Cockney
67 they took liberties,but we were heavily outnumbered but we were out in force in 75...COYI
My very first thread/:post call it what you like even though I loved the Holy Grail with every bone in my body,actually said I will embrace the change,but they better get it right...simple terms from a simple mind ( still alive & kicking)
I hated it,on the lash in the carpenters,my old manor & I loved the cut through to Hackney through the old industrial area by the river lea back in the day...blimey where has that 30 years gone...sad ending btw....
Anyway what the hell is going on?
Mr David Gold R.I.P I salute you sir,you were right all along & I was harsh...
Unbelievable can I take anymore...coursevi f*cking can,though I had the right bleeding hump trying to get me firestick to work..HG got any of those little blue jack & Jill's for me girl !!;) ;)

I the only clint on the whole site this morning??
Er cos it's a Bank hol & you're fecking boring ;) ;)

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please dont mention that cow on here 65 ,she still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up ,evil waggon .
Only having a giraffe mate ,of course you can mention anyone you bloody like .

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... if only you had a bit more passion in your posts :o)

Was it 75 in the South Bank? Cockney Reds...... what a joke!

I'm with you, DG was right, a land fit for hero's! Im eating my humble pie and coffee (toasted buttered banana bread at Barefoot on the Beach Cafe) this morning, these are great times. Friday will be epic, UEFA draw and close of the transfer window.... bring it on, COYI's KTF!!!!

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Out Dartford,we've waited a bloody long time for are the main one I feel that kept me going...popcorn,COYI & KTF.....
Love it mate & I'm jealous that banana bread out there is to die for!!

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