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Injuries, rumours and hopes.

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Submitted by albyforeverirons. on Sun, 30/07/2017 - 12:31

It's been reported that Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham are interested in Lanzini and now Everton are interested firstly in the Ginger Pele and now Winston Reid. I am so over these rumours trying to disrupt our pre season. Do they really think that the two Davids and Slaven would bring in the players that they have just to let our better players go. Luckily it was reported on another site that Lanzini is very happy where he is, as for Ginge he is coming to the finish of his career and is settled so why would he want to go anywhere and Winnie he is one of our stalwarts and a must keep. We have some players that we have got rid of and a couple that hopefully will go soon other than that we will not sell anyone that is needed.
On the injury side it's reported that Carroll won't be ready for at least the first month of the season,as usual, I wonder if he will be able to manage any more than a few games. Time to get rid of I am afraid, but I suppose that's easier said than done. Mind you his partying isn't helping his situation and is probably pissing off the bosses.
Hopefully some of the young guns will get a run this season as otherwise we will start to lose them. Looking forward to the new season in 2 weeks and also the end of the transfer window.

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Reckons we should try for Vermalen as he looks a chance of leaving Barca, apparently Paace are thinking about him and the site thinks that west ham could probably pick him up for around 7 million. Plenty of PL experience and a solid back so not a bad idea.

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we dont really need but as vermalen is injured we could well put in a bid! but i would like to see us sign lazar markovich from liverpool before he trots off to fiorentina.

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I can only see us selling players that we don't any longer want with the possible exception of Ginge, he deserves to be able to put his hand up to go if somebody comes in with personal terms he can't ignore. Apart from that I don't see Winston going to Everton especially not for 9 mill there's no need to discount he's worth plenty more. Lanzini may well be the player Poo want but they would need to dig deeper than they'll be comfortable with so I'm sure that's non starter too. Where we're at to date given cost versus spend plus add in the surplus from selling Payet means the club haven't spent much at all yet and wages by the reports I've read seem to be in a similar way. There is some worry with injuries, we just don't seem to be able to have any luck in that respect but with more players likely to be signed hopefully at the class level we've seen so far it does look like a very interesting season. I'm very optimistic.

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