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A j at Tottenham

Submitted by Bibsgold on Mon, 27/09/2021 - 08:14

Poor aj ,didn't he realise, nobody wins titles at Tottenham

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Piss poor execution of a plan, cooked up to play right into Usyk's hands. AJ is a little deluded about himself. Should have loaded on the weight and crushed him.

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Likeable guy but no plan B as against Ruiz he thought turn up hit them hard they will go and when that does not work he is clueless......Ruiz handspeed took him by surprise and Usyks mobility and being a southpaw totally took A J by surprise look at the expression on his face its total bewilderment and a man who new he was in the brown stuff and sinking fast...they said he has been sparring southpaws all the way in training well that did not look like it to me he could not close the man down he could not get his jab going and i think personally the reason he was not throwing his right as much was the memory of what Ruiz did in there first fight and he was scared how much Usyk was already catching him...its over with now i am not sure he can win a rematch if he is going to he is going to need to change the way he fights and i cannot see him doing that.

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