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Just witnessed a masterclass in coaching

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Submitted by Dartford Bhoy on Fri, 19/04/2024 - 00:13

You can see why Bayer Leverkusen are unbeaten champions

We witnessed a masterclass from Scabby Alonso.

Could see the centre back was being bullied and made a change after 20 odd minutes.

I guess the half time break was a hairdryer. Came out with more vigour and purpose, kept the ball for long periods of time, kept a high push with a work rate that at times looked like they had 15 on the pitch.

Second half changes all attack minded.

Its obvious that he has taken some "good" players but build a GREAT side. You can see why they are champs.

If he could do this with a shoestring budget how good would he have been at West Ham?

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I was not overly impressed with Leverkusen two late goals in first leg and opposition not attacking a deflected shot in the second......but yes the proactive manner to change things when it was abundantly clear that he had a huge problem in defence is in stark contrast to the fact it was not until the 83rd minute that Moyes got subs on and quite what he was talking to H about before it happened god only knows probably something like "look i did not sign him so he can't come on"....the players who cannot be faulted for last nights display just run out of gas and it was so clear and obvious but no Moyes as usual dithered and paid for it.

Just get this dinosaur out of our club...if Pacman is going its for the £85million only if his agent and player kickoff point out that it was they who had the clause and amount put in the contract so tough for Kudus rumours he has a buy out clause and yet no amount is forthcoming so is there one? if not build around him and Bowen or to anyone who comes knocking another £100million or jog on

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I hear what you are saying Mc about being overly impressed but they have a habit of just getting the job done often scoring the final minutes. I thought individually they are OK but Shabby has built a great team. Could never see Moyes being so proactive in making changes,

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I'm mentally knackered just getting through this season. Moyes tenure this season has been draining the fvck out of me. Such quality players, playing for a Jurrasic Jock. Just think what someone with half a brain could do with them.

Paqueta for me can Jeff off ASAP. He has to be one of the biggest prima donors I've ever seen.

Yes at times, very limited times. He can run a game. But 90% of the time he rolls around waiting for the game to be stopped. Narcissistic beyond belief!!!

Kudus is an animal a beast. Liverpool supposedly wanting to wave £150 million at us for him. No chance, especially as Beeker off the muppets is leaving at the end of their season!!

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