Language from West Ham Womens Manager Matt Beard

Thought about going to watch the Ladies play and taking my Grandsons as I get a discount being a season ticket holder with West ham. I watched young Jack Sullivan on TV a few days ago as Footballs youngest Manager and maybe its just me or I come from an older generation but Matt Beards language was appalling in the 20 second clip they showed as he spoke to the ladies at half time. Basically saying "Look out they will effing come at you in the effing second half so effing stay wake and effing win it." or words to that effect. I know he had a good record with Millwall, Chelsea and Liverpool ladies in the past but does he have to swear like that all the time (as he does from the touchline as well!!!) I thought West Ham had a low tolerance to bad language?

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There is a time when using them in certain situations is ok but to just keep saying them like that i am sad too say shows a poor education to my mind and no i do not consider what he was doing to be classed as work environment language just someone who knows no better.not being snobby just think like Bondsy and it is not a Generational thing and banging the drum again its just not needed in every sentence.

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But the so called ladies were not shy when it came to using the F word! You can take the girl out of the East End but not the East End out of the girl lol.

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This guy shows himself up as a crude dinosaur with no class. No better than a Sunday League manager. Frankly shocked by the expletives showing zero respect for the ladies who then feel obliged to drop to the same level.

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