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Submitted by mcbikeman on Mon, 27/11/2023 - 17:00

Just three young players all given a go in the Premier league and all doing well the first name made his debut for Manure and he looked right at home.....Never heard of the Lad before but you can tell when his fellow pros were patting him on the back as he went off subbed late on that he had made a fine impression in that cauldron of an atmosphere and the other two players what can you say they are Stars for years to come but meanwhile according to Mogadon you have to take time to blood youngsters not throw them in do not put pressure on them blah blah blah.....all that says to me is he's more worried being shown up for the Dinosaur that he is by holding players back than giving them a proper run.
He is in a win win right now because of injuries he can give the Boy a run of games and if it proves to be a step to far right now then he will be shown to be right about easing him in and the Lads eyes open as to just how different Prem football is compared to the u23's etc but to be stubborn and come up with lame excuses shows you how limited the Managers vision is.
Bowen can play there but loses a lot to his game than when playing wide and cutting inside thats his best position so when fit play him there Play Mubama upfront and see what unfolds because against a dreadful side that we made look very good Ings was still in bed and never made it to the races! he tried for 10 mins or so then as we all new he just might as well of not been on the pitch and probably thinks ffs i need a partner not be a lone wolf.

Other clubs give there Youth a go but Moyes holds a grudge and if he feels you have gone against him then you will not appear in the first team.....Fornals/Cornet to name but two but who does he get from the youth to try and bridge the gap if he is not going to play those players answer is nobody of course he cannot take the blnkers off...

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