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The most annoying, infuriating, aggravating and disheartening time of year.

Submitted by Westhamphil on Fri, 23/07/2021 - 12:53

Every transfer window brings out the worst in many people. The money-grabbing agents, the gullible players, the mischievous antics of club owners. Taking the biscuit the barefaced lying of the journalists. it makes me so angry, all the sh1t we are dealt. West Ham has always been easy pickings for the media, penniless but full of ambition, punching over our weight etc. Our owners now have the opportunity to make something out of our first team after last seasons blinding achievement. As usual, we are being played by every team, agent and player we have an interest in. Lingard, the options, stay at ManU, sit on the bench, and lose out on a place in next years World Cup, Transfer to West Ham, be the first, with Declan Rice to be pencilled on the team sheet every week and get picked for England, it ain't rocket science! Maybe Mr Gold is dragging his feet over Lingard to use it as an excuse for not being able to sign other players. Goalkeeper, do we really need to be looking yet? We have higher priorities. Stricker, if you want a 20-25 goal a season centre forward they are going to have to pay good money for one. Scouring relegated teams and pay over the odds for their players, yea ok. All I can see is a lack of ambition from our board. So sad. Give Rice his new contract & pay rise, I was led to believe that West Ham is going to build the team around him??? Yarmolenko, give him another chance to show how good he is, and what he can do. He is a very good player. We have got some brilliant young'uns coming up through the ranks, Time to blood some of them. We are a few weeks away from the start of the season, the superstars should now be back in training, and our new-look team should by now be starting to gel. It's time for GSB to put their money where their mouths are, build on last season, win a cup, and build again. Otherwise, if they have no ambition for the club, pack their bags!

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Dont know how old you are Phil but look through the clubs history everytime we have had a brilliant season its followed by the clubs board selling the best players and getting relegated or just wallowing round the wrong end of the table season in season out and back to square one again.

Our club will never progress because owners do not have the same passion for the club as we the supporters do.....they may claim to but we all know the reality......end of the day if the owners can make money from spending little then thats what they will do and claim its because of the economic crisis or because we have smaller capacity than bigger clubs we cannot compete and have to move so we can...ring a bell or what.

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I'm an old bast**d at 61, I know exactly what you're saying. GSB will claim that they have the passion, yes they do have the passion for making money, the bottom line is that they are businessmen (& apparently woman), They are out to make a profit. K.B. valued the club at £800m ( in her dreams) Mr Gold refused to entertain a bid of £400m. You can see where this is going. With our prize money, T.V. money etc we should be rolling in pound notes, and they can't even sign a poxy goalkeeper that we don't need. Ambition, the only ambition they have is to fill their own pockets with shekels! I see a season of crisis & chaos.

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Im 56 phil and have seen this all my life,and with your age you have too,i know its annoying mate but this is West Ham,youve already stated a season of crisis and chaos,lets hope not we havent kicked a ball yet,but i imagine we wont have a season like last,but think we will be mid table,at least we will be able to go and support from the terraces,we need a striker without a doubt,but must admit,it dosent look likely as time is moving on.

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in the early '60s when I was young, my family used to live near Leyton Orient's ground. So one Saturday my old man took me to Brisbane Rd the following Saturday we got the 69 bus from the top of our road direct to Upton Park, Might have been the 58 bus, it was a long time ago. My heart was/is always with WHU, but I still follow the O's. Even in those innocent days, the supporters were considered a necessary evil by the owners, nothings changed, the Brown's, the Icelandic debacle, now GSB. All the same. I honestly believe that if we had not sold Lampard, Ferdinand, cole & the like we would now be an established top-three team, not the whipping boys of the premiership. If we finish in the top half next season without the investment needed we will have done well, with the correct investment, we could finish with 68 points & 4th. I won't hold my breath!

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