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Moyes absolute tactical genius

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Submitted by cast iron on Thu, 04/01/2018 - 19:23

What a good move reckon he's saving his 1st team for Shrewsbury and Huddersfield we pay good money to watch this side its a London derby and he puts this side out we are going to get slaughtered tonight it will Knock the teams confidence just at the wrong time for the next match. glad this match is televised because if I paid for a ticket for this match I'd be gutted. Perhaps he's seen something that I haven't perhaps he will prove me wrong, I Hope so!

Moyes was just saying today he has very little choice who he can play! Only changes he can make are up front apparently. Who else would you play outside of forwards then? Physio room says 7 injured add arnie to that. Look at our bench. Carroll can't play 2 games a week let alone in 2 days. Who off our bench should have played? Ayew? Hart?

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Must say he did prove me wrong and I still think that playing Hernadez on his own is like playing with 10 men. I feel sorry for him but he must play off somebody else i.e he does not hold the ball up and give the midfield time to get in the opposition's area. If you look at Obiang's goal Ayew held the ball up and is how Obiang was able to get the shot away. But I must say Moyes and Co certainly had that defence organised and I thought Declan Rice for an 18year old was outstanding. So well done Moyes disproved all the knockers, ( me being one of them) and although his brand of football ain't the prettiest if it keeps us in the prem who cares.

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I will always agree that Hernandez can't play upfront on his own or hold the ball up. I thought at the time we signed him it was strange as bilic played one upfront last season. I assumed he was gona play 2 upfront after buying him but didn't. Another wasted bilic signing. I'd expect Moyes rates Hernandez but only wants to play 1 upfront holding it up. Hence why he uses Carroll, Antonio and ayew generally ahead of Hernandez. I'd say if Moyes started the season with us he wouldn't buy him at all! Infact I'd say if he gets a long contract Hernandez will be sold.

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Bang goes saving the first team for Shrewsbury argument.

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