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Moyes eyes opened?

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Thu, 02/11/2023 - 07:59

Last nights against the Gooners was that a Moyes tactical masterclass or was he just scared of losing his job and thought Bollox to it i'll give the fans what they in Ants benched and Bowen up front....Wow look at that a player up front who can hold onto the ball not fall down every two minutes can pass tracks back and SCORE blimey who would of thought that and alongside Kudus who is a gamechanger how can Moyes even think of starting Ants again? Kudus and Bowen can interchange making it hard for any opposition to know who to mark.
So Brentford away Alvarez out Pacman out Zouma out? what does he do.....i would keep the back four from last night Soucek has to do the defensive midfield role put JWP Fornals in the middle Benny and Kudus and Bowen to keep doing what they did last night but i will be very surprised if Moyes even thinks of that.

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That was Arsenal reserves last night until they went three down.
We won't be fielding the same team for obvious reasons but one player who deffo should start is Fabianski. The confidence the defence had in him was clear to see and he dealt with what they missed comfortably.

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How can Moyes even think of playing Antonio at the weekend? yeah we are missing Alvarez and Pacman so there have to be changes but starting Antonio cannot be one of them....and why not get excited when we beat the BIG I AM gooners who think they have bigger fish to fry lol and according to Gooner fans that was there strongest defence but for one player...they rolled up with a this is an easy win attitude and we gave it to them with both barrels so lets celebrate especially after the dross served up last sunday

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Zouma out? I bloody hope so - talk about stealing a living. Unathletic carthorse!!!

Aguerd played one of his best games for us last night with Stavros as his partner.

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Can't agree with you on that one boogers,I think he's solid enough ,so he's lacking in pace ,under Moyes he doesn't need it.
Have a problem with his animal cruelty though .

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