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Mubama rejects contract extension

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Submitted by hammergirl on Mon, 30/10/2023 - 18:19

Just seen this news and in all honesty why would he sign one?.

Now none of us know if he will be able to make the grade in the premier league but clearly seeing Antonio/Ings not doing anything and not be given a chance i am sure he is asking what has to happen for him to get that chance and by not signing was that the reason he was not on the bench yesterday?

But the longer this kind of thing goes on the more likely young players with potential will continue to vote no to contracts if any kind of path to the first team is closed off i wonder what Noble is thinking.

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Like you say he may not be upto the required standard but he has done enough to be given a chance especially when those you mentioned are so out of form that Mubama has to be an option but knowing moyes he will chuck the lad in at the deep end against the gooners he does not get much of the ball and Moyes will then drop him and say see i'm right........for the good of the club this man cannot be given anymore money to buy players Steiden has to show his role at the club now and deny the manager anymore journeymen

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From EX WHU about Mubama and comparisons were made with Perkins and Ashby, neither of whom have gone on to make the grade in the top flight. What little I saw of Ashby, I thought could have had a future with us, Perkins was never gonna make the grade. We haven't seen enough of Mubama to even form an opinion but to be fair, even a blind man can see that Ings and Ants are washed out so God knows how Mubama is seeing his future mapping out at West Ham. He's not even getting out on loan FFS!

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Two sides to this I think.

It's true nobody knows how good he actually is, as he's never been given a chance. Moyes just isn't brave enough to test him. Therefore he will most likely go down the same route as many other Hammers youngsters.

Remember he is a young home grown talent from just up the road. His mates will all be saying to him, what's going on? They will be saying to him get out Bruv go somewhere else. Don't waste your time with that old fossil.

He'll be off soon, probably in January..

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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