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Submitted by Hammers65 on Wed, 23/08/2023 - 08:54

It's like the old East End these days....everyone wants to fight each other then after the tear up we hug & kiss each other & that's just the men!
The Women are tough as old boots,ten times more scary than the meanest geezer.
The filth ( old bill) are you allowed to say that nowadays? Well tough titty! Are camped outside,drug dens,old time villains but a real sense of community is coming back on the manor,people that have lived here donkeys years are saying "shit innit" then we laugh with it!!
Covid...we shit it,London on sea,the beach,the a bloody city fgs...a vision from an incredibly passionate,caring Eastender & Hammer of course! The only way is up gang,yazz & the plastic population...
Or is it just me?? COYI

Was some bird with a black tooth what's that all about??Reminds me I've got some dentures on order

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HG or whatever... back in the day,the fast show " today I'm mostly eating pop tarts!!"

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These days Mac I'd rather have a cup of tea & a nice slice of carrot cake...Aunt Saalleh!!

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Is that prorame " eastenders " true to life in the east end ?, i dont often watch it because i need 10 mg of valium afterwards ,their all so fekin miserable?.

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you get on the dog n bone call your mates go to the rubba dub dub to escape the trouble n strife spend a monkey or three in there av a bet on the ponies back ome up the apple an pears to the land of nod:-)is that about right 65? or was i being more Dick than van dyke lol

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