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The new Flynn Downes

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sat, 20/04/2024 - 12:02

Sammie Szmodics the Blackburn Rovers player doing really well in a struggling side in Championship a life long West Ham fan and he would love to play for us.
Sounds good doesn't it and whilst it is a massive step up to the premier league players have done it before and it shows you do not have to trawl foreign leagues to unearth a gem that just needs a polishing up....of course where it all falls down is with the man himself Moyes.

Downes many say was not good enough did not show enough etc but was he given a chance? a decent run of games? of course not and "he only cost £10million" another excuse banded about like the amount paid will decide how good a player they are.....Leverkusen do not have a team of superstars that cost the earth no they have a good team with a great work ethic and have picked up players here and there for next to nothing with the odd exception and showed that the near £100million spent by Bayern/Gooners/Chelski cannot guarantee success.

So i would not turn my nose up at Downes returning or a bid for Szmodics or Clarke from championship as it takes many parts to create a team not overhyped overpaid individuals who only turn it on when the cameras are there.

So this summer there are going to be many comings and goings at the club and i so hope that Moyes is the first out the door......but if we sign one or two from the championship as long as we have a coach who is prepared to work with them and help them become part of the team i will not be complaining.

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