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No Balls

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Mon, 06/03/2023 - 20:50

From the board to the manager to the players none of them have any balls to change and as a consequence we are without doubt of the 9 clubs in the dogfight have the better players of the bunch but what we dont have are players with any fight no scrappers where as all the others have that in there squads....the board no balls for making the decision we all know that needs to be made the manager has no balls to change from his antiquated tactics and the players no balls to try and change things ingame just give up and sulk....but its our fault as fans apparently for not backing the team and manager during the hard times.....Protests dont work they say the board not interested in what "customers" say but if only for one or two games as a fanbase you turn up but dont go into the ground stay outside let the players see and the manager that we wont watch that shit anymore and embarrass the board they may have taken your money with a season ticket but it is time to show them that without us the club is worthless.....Money is all they understand....they can take our money but they can never take our freedom time to make a stand.

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Ear ,ear bike .id still love to know the ins and outs of the uppers deal ,what they got for it? ,who benefited, ? And where did the dosh go ?,got a rough idea but still id like to know ,not enough made of it by the fanbass ,i cant remember ,was their any vote by the supportersts i seem to remember they were going to sell the seats and stuff as memorabilia .
I know its got nowt to do with our present predicament but for my money that was the start of all our woes.

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Season Ticket holders had first dibs on buying their seats but at £50 a throw there wasn't many takers and had they sold all of them they would have banked in the region of £1.7 million. I had actually toyed with the idea of taking a screwdriver and nicking mine anyway and many fans did actually do looting on the night.

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UP to property developers Burkie.Another BS quote from them at the time " we will leave a legacy to the local community" .....prices started for an apartment at half million,with an electrical charging point for your car thrown in,how much are they worth now?!!there was a vote & everyone I knew voted against it but apparently the dildos " poll" was 85% in favour of the move.They sold off everything mate,you could buy your own 12 inch square of Boleyn turf as a momento....Nice! Even the memorial garden was left to rot when they got the demolition mob in & people still bang on about they're "one of your own!" Do me a favour

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