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Not Happy with this Window

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Submitted by cast iron on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 15:33

Tim Steiden had a really good summer with Kudos and Alviarez but this winter has been really pants, Lost Pabs and Beni so to my thinking we are really light and in the Bournmouth game he had Mubama on the bench we all knew that was a token player because he played in the U-21's the night b4 so the only option was Granni Dings, and I think this is going to be like this for the rest of the season-match and patch, players out of position. Steiden Knows that we are going to be very lucky to stay in Europe made himsef look a pillock dealing with the wrong agent for Osman and he has'nt landed 1 player this saeson cos Moyes has been after Philips for Yonks, so its Liverpool here we come They will deffo be in Europe, Will he missed Jurys out for me after this window

Have to agree Cast. Window was shocking. Now we are in some deep shit. If we were short of a few players before. We are totally in the Crapper now.
Think someones plans to sabotage Fornals and Benrahma's moves pending on inbounds has backfired. Be intresting to see how long it takes in the summer before we become active in the window? If we are being honest. Emerson apart our entire defence needs replacing. Perhaps I would keep Augerd and Mavrapanos but the others are to old or just shit. We are desperate for strikers as Antonio & Ings must surely be shown the door also.
With such a rebuild on the cards. Is it time to give Moyes the heave ho now (please) and get someone in to assessand decide what he wants early doors in the window.

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