"Nothing close to happening on transfer front" Moyes words

Thats heartening isn't it...Nothing close to happening? wtf have the club been doing this summer then it would seem nothing at all....now is this because of the lack of talent out there or the lack of funds or is it Moyes just not making his mind up as to what he wants because he and the club had best pull there fingers out sharpish otherwise last seasons superb effort by the players will all be for nothing......What happened to we want to get our business done before the Euros Moyes? and then having a jolly watching it whilst being paid i presume by the euros organisers....and as i write this an earworms started singing..There maybe trouble ahead!

It does make you wonder mac,i havent commented much lately,as thought there would be a signing of such,but feck all has happened,and am rather concerned,we certainly dont want any last minute bargain basement stuff,no investment no progression.

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The dildos now apparently skint & wanting to sell half their shares,same old same old & out of their depth

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We are going to end up with an African striker playing in the Turkish 3rd division. The first keeper available on a free!
We should be going out getting Shlik & Johnstone imo. Nohnstone. 28 years old. England keeper available for £12m. A steal. Sale of the century. Could give us 7 or 8 good years. As said earlier. All the good work of last season undone and set us back years again.

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Well then you no we will offer £1million over five years a tour of the Anne Summers warehouse and back issues of Hustler how can they turn that down

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Apparently a target for Moyes he did stand out in defence for Fulham last season and looked a class act we need a Central defender and Moyes keen but rumour has it that he is about to sign for Palace.

Well excuse me and all due respect to Palace but if we cannot entice a player to choose us over Palace then what was the point to our moving to the BOM?.

Then when you hear that Manure are trying to offload Phil Jones on a free you start putting two and two together and take a deep breath before you start shaking and crying.

If you are not getting any sex lately you can always rely on West Ham to screw you big time!

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