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The Number 6

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Submitted by Deluded Hammer on Mon, 25/07/2022 - 15:48

Time to bring it out of retirement? Declan Rice anybody?

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The best defender to put on the C&B lets give this legend in the game the honour he deserves and not sully his memory with a cheap little jibe to get a reaction.

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And the number 4......Why not the number 1 as well? The past has been and gone. This is the now and tomorrow is the future.

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The past has been and gone. Yes, but with it also there is a bit of history with the club.

The great Bobby Moore is arguably the most famous English footballer of all time. Better still he played for us. Was a World Cup winning Captain, the only time we've ever won the thing.

He's sadly no longer with us and never got the ultimate accolade, unlike other lesser recipients.


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