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one result away from certain safety

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 14/05/2023 - 08:34

I know we are probably safe already but this is West Ham the team that got relegated with record points dont i am hoping Moyes will not be overly daft and plaay a ffull strength team today with thursday in mind he'd be mad wouldn't he? i say play a weakend side and allow the bindippers to do us a favour and beat the foxes tomorrow evening and thats us safe and sound because Leeds G/D is so bad that cripples them so come on Moyes do not overthink it and risk injuries lets see what some of the "fringe players can do eh.

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those who have not played regular had an opportunity against a good side to show Moyes what they have but it seemed nobdy could be bothered.

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As a professional footballer if I'd be all that bothered either. Been given short shrift all season and now being picked as a sacrificial lamb, knowing I'm being shown the door in summer, just so the big boys can play on Thursday. Nah. F**k dat.

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As a pro footballer and part of a squad surely it's your job to show what you can do? But agree with you really. Considering how shite the season has been you would have thought some of them would have deserved more of a chance rather than being picked as season end fillers.

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