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This ones for you Boogers/Nev/65

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Submitted by hammergirl on Sun, 29/10/2023 - 12:06

Quite a hit in its day they say is that true?

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You know how to make us older men smile and remember our younger years...not heard that for many a day

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You did that on i will be whistling and humming that all day

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Not as I recall Nev. First gig I went to was The Jam in 79 at the Rainbow, closely followed by the Buzzcocks at Hammersmith Odeon, ironically supported by Joy Division. The crowd hated them as we could not understand Curtis who sounded like he'd swallowed the mic. Not to mention the dancing (now iconic) obviously. Turned out to be not a bad claim to fame considering he topped himself not long after!!

Did see some obscure support acts, Janes Plane, Comsat Angels, The Records spring to mind...

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