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Players need to take a look at themselves

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Tue, 17/01/2023 - 11:51

Ok i think we've all had our say on Moyes but what about the players? they have been sloppy lazy and just not interested since the season began and they need to question there professionalism IMO...yes teams can have off days and even teams who have good days still lose but when you do not even try and put some effort in on the pitch then why the hell are you out there? if they were as quick during the matches played as they are to jump on social media and try to make out that they are hurting like the rest of us we may be in a better position.

They are the ones who take to the field every week and if it is not working then why the hell does the Captain not go to the boss and ask not demand but ask can we try something new as clearly what we are currently doing is not working and it is showing more and more each week the season drags on.

But of course nobody wants to do that they just want to go on there social media and try and tell us fans that they are doing all they can and will keep fighting for us....what a load of bollox.

If they were doing all that they can there would be improvement on defending throwins improvement on not getting caught out from our own Corners ffs it is all basic stuff yet the players cannot seem to do that....imagine your a builder and you kept failing each time you went to make a brick wall or dig out foundations etc how long would you be in a job? or would you be on social media spouting look i'm hurting like you are(despite the walls of your house falling down!)but i keep trying we will get it right blah blah blah. So as much as Moyes has to take the stick our Players and i mean every last stinking one of em deserve it just as much for not even trying despite there words that they say they are.

Apart from Dec,Dawson,Fab,maybe Benny who else can look at themselves & say they're giving there all? We all have to perform every day in our jobs to survive,bunch of prima Donna's

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Got to say im a little bit surprised at you bike , your piece is showing a little bit of naivety, of course their a bunch of over paid prema Donna's but its them that call the shots and right now they couldnt give a toss for west ham, its called as you well know , loosing the dressing room,it can be another way of protesting against the boss ,we are not the first club its happened to and we certainly won't be the last but I'm afraid there's only one answer to it. And you know that as well as i do .

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the majority of them dont deserve to be there! and you are right about players not giving a toss thats why i say call them out as well not Lord them as they are not even trying....and what abouta bit of personal and proffessional pride but naaa like most footballers at the top end of the scale they are to busy counting there Bentleys and trying to rmbr how to get out of there grotesque mansion....ok thats off my chest i feel better now

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