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Possible Takeover from Daniel Kretinsky

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Submitted by cast iron on Fri, 29/10/2021 - 11:43

This guy looks the real deal owns10% of Sainsburys 2nd biggest investor in Royal Mail wants 27% of WHU. Personally, I hope this is true Looks good -better than the Rio and Tony cottey deal With PAI. Ave a look don't know if this is allowed on here but I am quite excited- might breach copyright rules so I completely understand if Nev does'nt publish it hope I hav'nt broke any publishing rules I dont want to get this site in any trouble

I was giving the dildos a bit of credit at last as well...;)

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Just loving hammers we all are at present in this best team of ours for years. Also clowns that are just waiting to have a pop at us like Kevin Phillips who states even if we are taken over by the new owner we won't be able to compete with his top four in the Premier. Even said if a player is wanted by manure or west ham that he would obviously choose manure. That's a club now that is in decline won fa for years and since fergie departed has gone backwards. Its supporters especially abroad are losing interest as they win nothing now and are embarrassed by results . But hey the only reason a top player would choose to join this mess manure is because of obscene wages they pay. Like salah now demanding 500k a week to stay at Liverpool its the only way these clubs can get the better of the greed of some top players signing for them. Now west ham have a balanced side of players that at present are together on not just wage structure but actually wanting to win each time they perform unlike manure or spuds Kate who clearly is upset on not being able to join the top side in the Premier with pep. Clearly Chelsea are firing on all cylinders at present and have the resources to compete with city but hey let's not forget there are other teams that will challenge the top four or six for the Premier title and all the cups with Europe open for business too. I'm sure Daniel and his family billions will in time make us genuine challengers for all the cups and Premier title which even the fake manure supporters will see isn't guaranteed to go to them each season as they are seeing at present .

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Ray f

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Lets face it, his current club, Sparta Prague aren't exactly setting the world alight and if I were a Sparta fan I'd be pretty pissed off that he is spending in excess of an alleged £150mill. on another club instead of investing in better things for Sparta Prague. With his love of investing in things British such as Royal Mail and Sainsburys this all smacks of a man who loves his money and making more of it and if we're honest, right now, investing in West Ham with all the murky dealings around The Bowl of Misery looks like being a decent bit of financial business. I can't for the life of me see him making any significant outlayings for the playing side, any more than G&S are doing or have done because lets make no mistake G&S are doing very nicely, financially at West Ham and in my opinion could have invested a significant amount more than they ever have done. Kretinsky a step forward? No, I don't think so.

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